At Local Values, we aim to encourage you, the consumer, to use and support your local independent businesses over the large national chains. We’ve created a fantastic circulating discount scheme that you can benefit from when you shop in our members businesses.

Why is it so important to use independent businesses? According to research by the New Economics Foundation, money spent with independent businesses circulates within the local economy up to three times longer than when it’s spent with national chains. Whilst you do this, you’re enabling your local high street and villages to flourish with a broader selection of boutique shops, giving you the consumer a more extensive choice.

Every time you spend £20 or more in one of our participating members businesses, you will receive a REWARD VOUCHER. The voucher is valid for 3 months from the date written on the back and will give you a 10% Discount when you spend £20 or more in ANY of our other participating members businesses around Suffolk. You will then receive another Voucher that you can do the same all over again.  When you register your voucher you'll be automatically added to our Golden Ticket Draw where we give £50 every month to a lucky winner to spend in any of our members businesses.

We regularly share coupon offers and higher discounts via email, sign up to our NEWSLETTER stay updated.

Make sure you register your VOUCHERS for our GOLDEN TICKET draw and visit the DISCOUNTS pages for great savings on offer from our members!

Local Values has NO Joining Fee or Membership Fee and there are no catches! We are able to bring this fabulous scheme to you by working closely with and partnering up with your Local Independent Businesses.


Where will you spend yours?