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  • Lifecheck

    Katrina Love is a Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Trainer, Positive Mindset Coach and Global Ambassador to the Body Image Movement (BIM) specialising in the areas of: ~ TRAUMA ~ ABUSE: mental/ physical/ domestic ~ ADULT SURVIVORS OF CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE ~ RAPE - CURRENT AND HISTORIC ~ LOW SELF ESTEEM ~ ANXIETY ~ EATING DISORDERS

  • Moxie Lady

    Moxie was born after years of struggling to find clothes my size that were flattering, affordable and fashionable. I have spent years complaining to my husband that I have nothing to wear, that I can't find things that I like in my size or that I can't afford the things I like that are. Then one night, while watching the TV, we had the idea to source the clothes ourselves so that people that have felt like me, have somewhere to go to find clothes that will flatter their bodies, no matter their shape, but won't break the bank.

  • Baiss & Co.

    Baiss & Co Advanced we offer a combination of highly skilled hair and beauty services; with experienced professionals who have a genuine understanding of client care and service. We are constantly learning and developing, evolving and striving to be the best. Our wish is that you feel relaxed and well looked after during your visit to us; and afterwards leave the salon feeling fantastic.

  • The Allergy and Candida Centre

    Virginia qualified in Allergy Therapy in 2005 and has worked since then in clinics in Worcestershire and Kent. In 2011 she relocated to Suffolk to be nearer her family and the sea. She has many years personal experience of food intolerance and candidiasis, having suffered herself since childhood; until about 10 years ago when she was helped by someone using the same methods that she now uses.

  • InvigR8

    Invigr8 is a micro boutique spa based on Foxhall Road, Ipswich. It offers treatments such as Aqua Massage: a water massage, where there’s no need to get undressed and where 15 minutes is the equivalent to an hour hands on massage. There are vibra plates, which help synch in the inches without the need for lycra or for getting hot and sweaty.

  • Christopher Montrose Coffee

    Christopher Lewis and Montrose Babb-Benjamin share a love of coffee that has become a deep and personal relationship. For them life begins after coffee so it was over a cup or three of their favourite brew that they would imagine what they would do to create a specialist trusted coffee collection that could bring their love of these incredible flavours to a wider audience.

  • Poppy's Pantry

    Poppy’s Pantry is a wholefood shop in Melton, near Woodbridge which specialises in ethically sourced and produced wholefood. We’re a social enterprise which gives people the chance to gain work skills and social interaction through catering, retail and packaging in a community environment. Poppy's Pantry is part of Realise Futures CIC. Providing products and services that create opportunities for people to succeed in work, learning and life.

  • Act 1 Development Coaching

    Personal development coaching is a wonderful opportunity to tackle issues that feel too difficult to address on your own. Through a structured programme I support you in developing your own unique skills that can help you to overcome obstacles to what you want to achieve.

  • The Real Heal Foot Health Practitioner

    The Real Heal Foot Health Practitioner based in Rendlesham provide a professional qualified service similar to that of a chiropodist. Whether you have a corn or hard skin, a verrucae or wart they can retreat it! Did you know that a simple corn can over time cause problems such as joint and back pain!

  • Delicious Nutritious

    Delicious-Nutritious promotes ways of increasing overall health and well-being, with great tasting food that nurtures and energises your body. Enjoying a balanced diet has the added benefit of helping to establish and maintain your appropriate weight and can address a range of other symptoms and conditions. Our aim is to get you buzzing with some amazing fresh natural foods – it’s simple, we help you to eat well and feel great!

  • Calm for Change

    Our lives are busy. Not enough time, pressures at home and work, the everyday challenges and changes that build up and leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed and low even though you are someone who is normally confident, capable and strong.

  • Twenty One Church Street Dental Practice

    Twenty One Church Street Dental Practice is the newest Private Dental Practice to open in Woodbridge. Recently opened by the well known Dentist Mr Andreas Zeck BDS, some of you may know him from the Wickham Market Dental Practice or the Melton Dental Practice. Andreas qualified in Berlin and has been a General Dental Surgeon since 1993. With over 20 years of experience, Andreas has a wide range of experience in all fields of Dentistry and has a special interest in surgical procedures.