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Make great savings every time you go shopping for your food & groceries. We have a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, vegetatian foods and vegan products.  Most of our members support and stock Local Artisan food products.

Everytime you spend over £20 you'll save 10%  Take a look at each businesses Terms & Conditions, turn up with your Voucher and get saving!

Each Voucher is valid for 3 months from the day it is issued. You may use your Voucher in any of the other businesses in ANY of the locations.

  • Pickacake

    Pickacake, any cake, I can make it for you. My little boy's first birthday was coming up fast. He adored Thomas the Tank Engine (what little boy doesn't?) but all the cakes in the supermarkets contained dairy! You see my boy had been diagnosed with a dairy allergy 6 months earlier, so I decided I would give it a go myself. Why? I hear you ask, why not go to a cake shop to have it made? After all they could probably do a much better job! I thought so too, but money was tight and how hard could it be? Oh little did I know.

  • Kiln Farm Nursery

    Welcome to Kiln Farm Nursery! We are a family business based on a farm. We set up the nursery in 2003 to grow and sell plants. We grow shrubs, perennials, climbers, trees,summer bedding, pansies, wallflowers, herbs and vegetable plants. We also grow our own vegetables that we sell in our farm shop along with lots of other local and seasonal produce. We can supply firewood, coal, hay and straw, bird food and compost.

  • Delicious Nutritious

    Delicious-Nutritious promotes ways of increasing overall health and well-being, with great tasting food that nurtures and energises your body. Enjoying a balanced diet has the added benefit of helping to establish and maintain your appropriate weight and can address a range of other symptoms and conditions. Our aim is to get you buzzing with some amazing fresh natural foods – it’s simple, we help you to eat well and feel great!

  • The Allergy and Candida Centre

    Virginia qualified in Allergy Therapy in 2005 and has worked since then in clinics in Worcestershire and Kent. In 2011 she relocated to Suffolk to be nearer her family and the sea. She has many years personal experience of food intolerance and candidiasis, having suffered herself since childhood; until about 10 years ago when she was helped by someone using the same methods that she now uses.

  • Swann's Nursery

    Welcome to Swann's Nursery in Suffolk. We are a large, family-run, 35 acre nursery dedicated to top-quality plants, trees and conifers. Whether you're looking for a few plants for your window boxes or enough trees to landscape a small wood, visit Swann's Nursery for some expert advice and to find just what you need.

  • Goslings Farm Shop & Cafe

    A friendly Farm Shop, Garden Nursery & Cafe situated in the Suffolk Countryside. We specialise in Pick Your Own Strawberries and other soft fruits including Raspberries. The shop has a plentiful range of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as cheeses, cakes, apple juices, raw and cooked meats, pastries and fish and much much more! All our products are sourced from local independent suppliers as much as possible.

  • Christopher Montrose Coffee

    Christopher Lewis and Montrose Babb-Benjamin share a love of coffee that has become a deep and personal relationship. For them life begins after coffee so it was over a cup or three of their favourite brew that they would imagine what they would do to create a specialist trusted coffee collection that could bring their love of these incredible flavours to a wider audience.

  • Poppy's Pantry

    Poppy’s Pantry is a wholefood shop in Melton, near Woodbridge which specialises in ethically sourced and produced wholefood. We’re a social enterprise which gives people the chance to gain work skills and social interaction through catering, retail and packaging in a community environment. Poppy's Pantry is part of Realise Futures CIC. Providing products and services that create opportunities for people to succeed in work, learning and life.