You may have some questions regarding the Local Values scheme so we have put together a list of some common questions and answers for you. If you have any other queries that are not addressed below, then please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Aren't I effectively giving away 10% on all sales by accepting a voucher?

  • No, as not every customer coming to you will have a voucher. Only someone who has spent £20 with one of the partner businesses will be given one, and the discount voucher (example above) is only redeemable if the customer spends more than £20 with you.
  • You've an opportunity to up-sell to customers. If someone's bill is £18, encourage them to buy something else so that their purchase becomes eligible for a voucher.
  • The more vouchers in circulation the stronger and more successful the promotion.

I can't give away 10% on everything I sell as some of my lines have lower margins

  • Absolutely, this is why on your Local Values mini-store page (which gives your business resume) there will be a clear set of terms and conditions, which you write, for redemption of the voucher.
  • You may wish to only apply the discount on a sales basket of up to £50 or £100, or not apply the voucher to Sale products, or only apply it to one part of your business, or make it applicable for lunchtime trade for example - this is your decision entirely.
  • Our advice is to avoid too many barriers to sale, too many t&c's will deter consumer footfall
  • The vouchers themselves will give a clear instruction to the consumer to visit the Local Values consumer-facing website so that the consumer can see the participating businesses, but also to make themselves aware of your terms & conditions.

My regular customers may come in with a voucher which means I'm giving them a discount when I normally wouldn't need to

  • Customer retention is critical to all business and your regular customer is effectively receiving a loyalty bonus if they spend more than £20 and have a voucher. This can only improve your relationship with your customer.

I'm giving a voucher to a customer who comes to me normally

  • The voucher you give to the customer is to be redeemed at another participating business of their choice, but they are only rewarded with a voucher if they spend more than £20 with you.
  • On the back of the voucher you give to the customer you will note the transaction date and your business name, the voucher is to be used in another business not yours.

Can I have exclusivity for the sector my business is in?

  • We believe that it is essential for the consumer to have freedom of choice (as they do now).
  • Local Values aims to deliver increased consumer spending to independent businesses - lack of choice effectively restricts local consumer spending by pushing customers elsewhere.
  • Some businesses will choose not to participate so you shouldn't assume that your competitors will all join, if this is your concern?

I don't want to double discount when I'm running a sale or a special promotion

  • Quite right, this must always be your decision. On the Local Values website each business will have their own click through image which as well as describing the business and your online media links, will also shown your particular terms and conditions i.e. a voucher can only be redeemed on purchases up to £100, or the discount is not valid for other existing promotions.
  • We would encourage you to keep terms and conditions to an absolute minimum so as not to discourage footfall.
  • The printed voucher will strongly push the consumer to visit the Local Values website to check which businesses are participating and any conditions that may apply.

Most of my sales are for more than £20 so I'll be giving out vouchers with each sale. Where's the benefit for me and why is the minimum sale £20?

  • You will generate customer goodwill as a result of giving out the vouchers.
  • You gain the benefit of the voucher from customers who have visited other businesses and made voucher eligible purchases, and decide to purchase from you using the voucher.
  • The minimum spend of £20 for eligibility is a value that businesses in all sectors can reasonably achieve - the key is not to limit voucher distribution but to encourage their use.

Why can't I do this myself with some of the business owners I already know?

  • Of course you can and probably you already have informal arrangements with other businesses. However the benefit that Local Values brings is scalability.
  • One of our primary roles is to encourage as many business owners to join, many of whom will be owners that maybe you don't know, thus increasing the customer pool for all participating businesses.
  • The more business owners who join that you don't know, the better the results for you, since their customers may well not be your customers.

I don't have much confidence in magazine or newspaper advertising, why is this different?

  • Press advertising gives you a one time opportunity to catch the consumers’ eye: if he/she is not thinking of buying say a coat, at the date of publication, then an ad for a coat is wasted on them.
  • Local Values continually promotes a wide range of products and services to active buyers.<.li>
  • Each time you and partner businesses give out a voucher it is essentially marketing a wide array of local businesses and encouraging consumer spending locally.
  • Press advertising has its place but is an expensive luxury. Membership to Local Vouchers costs significantly less than for example a single half page in SuffolkNorfolk Life or a full page in Vanilla. With Local Values you’ll be getting daily exposure to local customers.

I can see this benefiting my business, but I don't have money to throw around. What does it cost and what are you doing?

  • Local Values will administer the promotion with the following essential deliverables:
    • Design, production and supply of unlimited registered Vouchers.
    • Window stickers and point of sale display stands along with regular updated membership lists.
    • An integrated consumer facing dynamic website which supplies you with your own business portal that shows all your contact details, your own up to date Social Media News feeds, mapping, Terms & Conditions, Opening times, Logo and photos and a brief description of your business.
    • Regular online, email marketing and daily social media activity for new product lines and promotions.
    • Leafleting, PR and Media Promotions.
    • New to 2016 - we have a brand new Events page on our website for you to promote any events your have coming up.
    • New to 2016 - we have a brand new Jobs page on our website for you to advertise any new vacancies you have.
    • New to 2016 - we have a brand new Directory page on our website for you to promote a click though business card to your website.
  • A monthly fee of £30 will be charged on the first day of the month (incl VAT) per business premises with a minimum 6 month contract.
  • There are no hidden upfront costs.

How can I join?

You can call Sam Brook on 01473 808154 or 07891 746753 or email and we can arrange a meeting to answer any questions you may have.