Why is franchising considered a secure business option?

Franchising opportunities with Avanti


Franchising Vs Going it alone

For most entrepreneurs looking to start up their own business, a franchise offers  a support framework that they need to bolster their own skill set . A small minority of people bring a fully rounded business mind to the table from day one. Nearly all businesses launch off the back of someone’s passion for a product or being a technician expert in their field of expertise, but many fall by the wayside through lack of knowledge about all of the aspects of running a business eg, marketing, sales and HR. This is where franchising comes in, the franchise has taken all the risks for you, often over years of building their business, through peaks and troughs, surviving and growing until they reach the stage where they are ready to take their robust proven business model to the masses via franchising.

An Avanti franchise can offer you the full framework and support that you will need from day one, with a comprehensive training schedule through to operations manuals that cover everything and how to meet and maintain Company standards, ensuring that while it is your business – you are never alone.

Franchising means Collaborating

Each franchise territory is individually owned and managed, but all franchisees have full access to the groups resources, with a share in the national marketing budget, as  well as area specific marketing campaigns too.

  • A sole trader may not typically have access to the marketing resources that the group can access.

Industry Accolades obtained by the group are for the group, so our success is your success too.

  • It can take a long time to enjoy industry recognition as a sole trader, but as part of a group, we view our successes as team success. Did you know we were AAT shortlisted finalists in the AAT Professional Member Awards 2018?

Training and Support offered by Avanti is second to none, not only do we offer all the tools, processes, procedures and manuals, but technical training days too. We appreciate that there is more to business than the technical side of things, so when it comes to marketing and everything else needed to run a successful practice – we’ve got you covered.

  • You will also have access to business coaching support too, placing you ahead of a sole trader with limited budgets on day one.

Launching as a franchise instead of going alone offers you so many benefits, but above all with an Avanti franchise, you get a Franchisor who understands your fears about flying solo. As such, we make sure you are never flying solo with a full support system in place. In addition to the manuals and training, we can offer you an intranet helpdesk facility with a fast response time.

  • Our helpdesk is located right here at head office in Suffolk, so you will always be speaking to a real member of the team, not  a virtual assistant or out sourced staff. All of our staff do the job that you and your team will be doing, so they are all equipped to offer you  the support and advice you will need as business grows.

In a study by Ormsby Street 2016 survival rates for small businesses were 91% in the first year, fast forward five years and just 40% continue to trade.  With statistics like these, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs can be cautious when it comes to launching, but this is why franchising is so attractive. We have done the leg work, so you don’t have to – the business you buy is tried and tested and comes with minimal risk. The stats don’t lie, a study by FranNet shows that approximately 90% of franchises enjoy success and remain trading.  What are you waiting for – give Avanti a call (08000) 388 799 today to take your next step…

This post was originally published on www.avantitaxaccountantsfranchise.co.uk and is republished with permission.