Food as a natural anti-depressant

Happy People

Does the phrase ‘healthy eating’ bore you to tears? Does it conjure pictures of
lonely lettuce leaves, low fat spreads and weighing scales? Does the thought of
resisting temptation and digging deep for all your willpower make you yawn
and depressed at the very idea?

Yes? You are not alone. Your body is biologically programmed to do just that.
So how can you change that and what would be a different health solution?
We are Natasha Hodge, Nutritional Advisor and Katrina Love,
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor AND Positive Mindset Coach and we have a
plan. For the past five months we have been running an experiment that has
put all the latest research on foods for optimum health and brain function
together. How can you feel truly great in your mind and body if it is running
on junk?

We had 40 volunteers take part in the Happy People trials. People from all
walks of life, aged 18 – 65. Some started with various ailments; arthritis, Type
1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, low iron levels, asthma,
psoriasis, IBS, to name but a few.

We put together an eating programme that concentrates on cooking from
scratch with unprocessed ingredients, eating within the body’s optimal
rhythm, coupled with tools for positive thought strategies to overcome the
emotional ties that perpetuate habits accumulated over a lifetime and keep
you going back to the donuts. No portion control, no calorie counting and
definitely no weighing scales, because how many of us have relied on the
scales to tell us whether we’re having a good or bad day?

The results have been astonishing.

Amongst other things our Happy People Pioneers saw a reduction in
medication, iron levels go back to normal, reduction in bloating, better sleep,
inch loss (noticed through clothing sizes), clearer skin, increased energy,
sharper memory and feelings of general wellbeing.

As the group works as a support network, it has been wonderful to share in
each person’s journey. How can that be achieved online or in an app? We
believe and have seen proof that the physical group helps to boost positivity.
And to this end we will now be rolling out Happy People classes to the general
public. To people who want to live life to the full and still enjoy food to the

Classes are due to start early January 2019. A twelve week rolling programme.
Starting in Ipswich, venues TBC. The initial price (TBC) will be £25
membership plus weekly fee. Buy 4 weeks at £8 per week (£32), buy 8 weeks at
£6 per week (£48) or 12 weeks for £5 per week (£60).

If you would like to join or want to hear the exact details of when classes will
be please email We very much look forward
to seeing you.